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请看详细报道↓↓霍尼韦尔在华工厂全面复工Honeywell Plants Across China Fully Resumed Production



Currently, Honeywells plants are running almost at full capacities, and the company has been actively supporting its key suppliers to resume work。 Meanwhile, Honeywell has been closely working with its suppliers and customers to address any potential disruptions。

The transaction is subject to a Haoxiangni shareholder vote, certain regulatory approvals and other customary conditions。


“We are confident that in March we will be able to restore the lost production capacity in February。 Our Chinas team does a great job。易发游戏软件” said Tu Yun, senior plant director for Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions China。

卡特彼勒全球副总裁陈其华表示:“在确保卡特彼勒员工的安全和健康始终作为我们工作重心的同时,我们将听从政府关于企业复工的指示, 每天认真做好监测,确保员工健康和安全。”

“We also expect to leverage Be & Cheerys innovation and consumer insights capabilities to drive innovation in other key PepsiCo growth markets易发游戏软件。”

The companys strong data-led innovation capability and flexible manufacturing and sourcing enables it to quickly adjust its product portfolio to respond to changing consumer trends。

PepsiCo announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Hangzhou Haomusi Food Co。, Ltd。 (“Be & Cheery”) from Haoxiangni Health Food Co。, Ltd。 (“Haoxiangni”) for US $705 million。

Still, analysts said that this doesnt spell the end of the Swiss watch as a luxury status symbol, even if it is falling behind in the smartwatch competition。


百事公司大中华区首席执行官柯睿楠表示: “百草味丰富的产品品类、轻资产和聚焦电商的模式与我们中国的现有业务高度互补。”


“Be & Cheery is highly complementary to our existing China business with its broad product portfolio, asset light model, and focus on e-commerce易发游戏app,” said Ram Krishnan, CEO of PepsiCo Greater China。


Honeywell has not only been supporting the fight against the coronavirus, but also has been actively resuming production。 According to the relevant rules and regulations of Chinese central and local governments, Honeywell‘s 21 plants across China have fully resumed production。 So far, there is no single affected case among Honeywell’s 11,000 employees in China。


At Honeywell plants, the “entry certificate” is updated daily。 Employees need the certificate to enter into plants and undergo temperature checks before entering the company。

The Apple Watch outsold the entire Swiss watch industry in 2019易发游戏每天送6元

PepsiCo to Acquire Be & Cheery for $705 Million


The Apple Watch Outsold Entire Swiss Watch Industry In 2019

咨询公司Strategy Analytics的调查显示,苹果手表全球销量达到3100万块,而所有瑞士手表品牌的销量加在一起只有2100万块。

“The Apple Watch has emerged as a status symbol of its own, and offers a competitive alternative to mid-range Swiss watches,” Steven Waltzer, senior analyst at Strategy Analytics, told CNN Business。 “Apples massive customer base means that converting just a small percentage of iPhone users to Apple Watch users yields volume in the millions。”

Based in Hangzhou, Be & Cheery has many product offerings across nuts, dried fruits, meat snacks, baked goods and confectionery, and predominantly sells online through the major e-commerce platforms in China。

Strategy Analytics公司高级分析师史蒂芬·沃尔策表示:“苹果手表象征着一种独有的身份,相对瑞士中档手表而言很有竞争力。苹果庞大的消费者群体意味着将一小部分苹果手机用户转化为苹果手表用户就能产生数以百万计的销量”。


“We are confident that China will persevere during this difficult time易发游戏官方下载。 And we will continue to work with our customers and industry partners to build a better world。 ”


Today, Caterpillar operates about 20 manufacturing plants across China, with more than 11,000 employees易发游戏软件

“Be assured, the safety and well-being of our employees remains our top priority。 We continue to follow government direction on remaining openings and assess daily to ensure the safety of our employees。 ”said Qihua Chen, Caterpillar Vice President for China Operations。




The Apple Watch sold 31 million units worldwide易发游戏安卓版下载, while all Swiss watch brands combined sold 21 million units, according to research from consulting firm Strategy Analytics。







Most Of Caterpillar Plants In China Have Reopend

Per local Chinese government direction, most of Caterpillars Chinese operations reopened February 10。



Analysts are divided on whether this spells trouble for the Swiss watch industry, with some saying the end is near。 Others point out that the mechanical watches certified in Switzerland are still bringing in more revenue than the Apple Watch易发游戏输钱的进

霍尼韦尔安全与生产力解决方案集团中国区工厂总经理涂赟说: “我们有信心在三月份,把二月份丢失的这部分产能,易发游戏软件能够在三月份追回来。我们的中国团队很棒。”


For office employees, except Hubei, Honeywell encourages managers and supervisors, as well as employees who drive to work without relying on public transportation, to work in the office for at least one day。 Similar to each plant, a large number of protective measures have been deployed in various office areas。